Age of the gods norse: ways of thunder

Age of the gods Norse: Ways of Thunder has a progressive jackpot feature and bonus features. It is an online casino game in which the players take on the role of characters from Norse mythology like Thor, Freyr, Heimdall and more. The various levels range from beginner to expert status and once you get through the novice level you will be able to choose which class you would like to be. The different skills that you acquire along the way help in earning in the various ways. Here are the examples of the various skills that you can acquire to increase the jackpots in the Age of the Gods Norse.

Winning by Space-Time-EDGE. This is one of the three ways listed above that lets you win by space-time-edge. In this game, there are certain symbols that are spread all over the screen. The icons present on the mini-games represent the icons of the things that can be done and/or won by using the icons.

Bonus Round. The bonus symbols in this game are the same as those in the Jackpot Plus slot machine. The icons in this case change as the jackpot gets larger. There are five icons, and you will have to use all of them to win.

Single-spinning Jackpot. There are actually five icons in this jackpot. The names of the icons spell out Norse names like Thor, Gram, Reikon and Sowilo. The jackpots that are comprised of these symbols are much smaller compared to the normal jackpots in the regular slots. You must get your hands on these jackpots in order to be a winner in Age of the Gods.

Multi-spinning Jackpot. In this game, there are actually eleven symbols available in the jackpot. All of the symbols in the jackpot are of equal level.

These are the complete lists of the Age of the Gods Norse slot machines. You need to go through all of them in order to get the best result in the game. It pays to play well because the pot for this slot is relatively smaller than others. That is why you need to know the right way on how to play in order to maximize your chances of winning.

For instance, if you are playing in the normal slot machine, you can always get a symbol by spinning three times. This will earn you three spins for a total of ten spins. This means that you get to pick up a god symbol and get paid for it. The odds of winning here are pretty low. It is therefore important to know the right strategy in order to increase your possibilities in winning.

You need to read the description of the machine carefully in order to determine the exact time when the lightning feature will activate. This feature comes with a price of course. When the lightning feature goes off, the reel will get damaged and you have to pay extra money to replace it. The other special slot machines like the Viking slot machines will not have this feature.