Adventure trail

Are you planning to go for an adventure trail this weekend? It will surely be an awesome experience if you get started with this awesome slot machine. Adventure Trail: Fire Blazer Jackpot has a total of 5 reels, 3 horizontal rows and 30 fixed payline. All wins are earned by landing matching symbol on adjacent horizontal reels starting from reel 1.

This exciting jungle adventure trail has a fairly long sequence, consisting of 9 exciting adventures which progress across both horizontal and vertical reels. The sequence starts with “Dawn of Machines” followed by “A Boy and His Blob”, “The Seaplane Battle” and finally “Kung Fu Panda”. The sequence continues with “Nemo’s Secret Adventure” and “A Pirate’s Revenge”. The exciting jungle theme and the cute monkeys provide an excellent background to this thrilling game.

In addition to the exciting wilds & flowers, there is also another element called the jungle treasure map symbol which can be collected once all the wilds have been crossed out. This symbol helps you locate all the collectible items found within the Adventure Trail. Some of these items include hearts, coconuts, fishbones, bamboo rods, potted plants, the pirate chest and several other collectibles. The graphics and sounds produced by the game make this little Rubeus RV vehicle even cuter. This version of the wilds & flowers adventure trail is a lot of fun and is available at a very reasonable price.